Paediatric Oncologist Dr Rob Corbett retiring from CHOC (Christchurch)

Paediatric Oncologist Dr Rob Corbett retiring from CHOC (Christchurch)

Dr Rob Corbett has been a key member of the child cancer community since he arrived in Christchurch in the mid 1990s. He was sole paediatric oncologist there until joined by Dr Michael Sullivan when the Christchurch and Dunedin services amalgamated around 2000.

Rob was very active in POSG (Paediatric Oncology Steering Group), a collegial organisation which arose out of the paediatric Tertiary Services review in 1999-2000 and attracted Ministry of Health funding which continues to this day. Rob has been a passionate supporter of improvement of paediatric oncology service delivery and several key initiatives of POSG and now NCCN have been successful because of his personal effort, advocacy and persistence. These are in AYA, late effects and Pacific support, amongst the most significant achievements of child cancer over the last nearly 20 years.

Rob was the natural choice for founding Chair of NCCN in 2011. He has continued to produce valuable work which supports NCCN activity and is regarded as one of the foremost opinions in paediatric oncology when advice on complaints and ACC matters is required. As a strong supporter of “treatment as close to home as safely possible” he has led by example with much time spent away from his Christchurch base with shared care colleagues in regional centres. Throughout this time Rob has been a great clinician for his patients and a loyal and valued colleague and friend to his professional peers. He will be missed!

Dr Rob Corbett (centre) surrounded by his paediatric oncology colleagues from across NZ at Protocols Planning Day, 31 October 2018


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