Psychosocial and Family Support Working Group - Child Cancer Network
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Psychosocial and Family Support Working Group

The Psychosocial Working Group focuses on the elements of child cancer treatment that support the clinical care patients receive. It is responsible for identifying service delivery gaps and recommending solutions, which meet patient and family emotional, social, mental and spiritual needs, at diagnosis, during treatment, into surveillance and beyond.

The objectives of the group include:

  • Measuring the psychosocial impact (including economic considerations) of child cancer on the patient and their extended family
  • Providing a forum for patient and family advocates to raise issues and concerns
  • Fostering effective relationships between professional and voluntary organisations and individuals involved in the delivery of psychosocial services and support
  • Identifying and implementing mechanisms to build and maintain the resilience of families and other carers
  • Upholding the Child Cancer Services Principles expressed in the National Plan for Child Cancer Services in New Zealand which include, services that are:
    • focused on the child and their family or whanau
    • as close to home as possible within the bounds of quality and safety
    • culturally safe.

For more information contact:

John Robson

Psychosocial Working Group Convenor