Linking Care,
Sharing Knowledge,
Advancing Best Practice

The patient’s experience is central to the work of the Network, with
particular emphasis placed on ensuring children receive the same quality
of care regardless of who they are or where they live in New Zealand.
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Latest News:

  • The National Child Cancer Network, Child Cancer Foundation and Massey University are thrilled to announce the launch of a joint new initiative, the Child Cancer Counselling Network. The Network aims to increase the ability of whānau impacted by childhood cancer to access specialised counselling support......

  • The National Child Cancer Network (NCCN) is excited to announce the arrival of Dr Gemma Pugh to the team as NCCN Research Lead. Gemma has worked as an academic researcher for the last six years, mainly in the UK. She has a PhD in Behavioural......

  • The Precision Paediatric Cancer Project (PPCP) is a ground-breaking study which provides a more hopeful outlook for Kiwi kids diagnosed with rare forms of cancer. The project, led by Paediatric Haematologist/Oncologist, Dr Andy Wood, began in 2018 and is the first of its kind in......