Linking Care,
Sharing Knowledge,
Advancing Best Practice

The patient’s experience is central to the work of the Network, with
particular emphasis placed on ensuring children receive the same quality
of care regardless of who they are or where they live in New Zealand.
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Latest News:

  • After more than 35 years as a peadiatrician and paediatric oncologist Scott Macfarlane officially retired on 5 November 2021 as National Clinical Leader: Child Cancer, a post he has held for the last decade. Due to Covid-19 restrictions NCCN members were not able to meet......

  • We are excited to announce that NCCN’s new Clinical Lead is Dr Stephen Laughton, Paediatric Oncologist and Neuro-Oncologist, based at Starship Blood and Cancer Centre. Dr Laughton has been involved in paediatric oncology for over 20 years and his specific area of interest and expertise......

  • A Private Member’s Bill from Dr Shane Reti, National Party Health spokesperson and Deputy Leader of the National Party, seeks to achieve public hospital access for patients paying for unfunded chemotherapy (which they have purchased), and is currently given in private clinics at their expense.......