Child Cancer Counselling Network (CCCN) launched

Child Cancer Counselling Network (CCCN) launched

The National Child Cancer Network, Child Cancer Foundation and Massey University are thrilled to announce the launch of a joint new initiative, the Child Cancer Counselling Network.

The Network aims to increase the ability of whānau impacted by childhood cancer to access specialised counselling support in or close to their hometown.

This initiative will have a huge impact on the support families are able to receive once their children have left their treatment providers in either Auckland’s Starship or Christchurch’s CHOC and throughout the ongoing challenges of childhood cancer.

Child Cancer Foundation’s Family Support Coordinators are an integral part of this initiative, as they already work closely with families in their communities. These relationships will ensure that whānau are able to access counselling support at the right time to meet their needs and support their wellbeing.

To support the achievement of the initiative’s aim, a network of counsellors are currently being recruited and trained across Aotearoa. Members of the Network receive training in the effects of childhood cancer on children, siblings, parents and wider whānau.

“A childhood cancer diagnosis can be considered traumatic, and can bring an array of emotions ranging from shock and disbelief, to worry and fear, through to sadness and anger,” says Child Cancer Counselling Network lead, Dr Kirsty Ross. “However, we know that with good psychosocial support, offered at the right time, many children and families will get through their experience with enhanced strengths and resilience.”

“We are proud to be working towards having a network of well-trained, experienced counsellors who will be able to provide specialised support for children and families impacted by childhood cancer across Aotearoa.”

To hear more from Dr Ross listen to One ZB here.