The New Zealand Children’s Cancer Registry (NZCCR) Working Group

The New Zealand Children’s Cancer Registry (NZCCR) is a population-based registry which holds verified demographic and treatment information for all children diagnosed with cancer in New Zealand since January 2000. This data is used to guide clinical practice, inform child cancer service planning and for evaluating health outcomes for children with cancer in New Zealand.


The NZCCR Working Group is responsible for the ongoing co-ordination and analysis of this registry. Their responsibilities include:

  • maintaining international best-practice to ensure consistent national data entry
  • ensuring compliance with all relevant regulations and guidelines
  • providing timely, accurate and comprehensive reporting of data to inform national service planning
  • overseeing the publication of research findings from the NZCCR dataset
  • meeting all requirements for ongoing ethics approval of the registry
  • confirming the accuracy and completeness of the dataset through regular auditing and the maintenance of links with the health system’s national information collections.


For more information contact:

Gemma Pugh, NCCN Research Lead