Update to childhood cancer incidence and survival data

cancer incidence infographic

Update to childhood cancer incidence and survival data

Updated analysis on childhood cancer incidence and survival for the periods 2015–2019 and 2010-2019 have now been produced by the National Child Cancer Network.

We are pleased to report that the overall childhood cancer survival in Aotearoa, New Zealand has continued to rise and remains on par with other high-income countries. However, we acknowledge that patterns of poorer survival by cancer type, age and ethnicity deserve focused attention. The National Child Cancer Network will continue to work with child cancer professionals, NGO’s and whānau to further improve child cancer outcomes.

Download infographics and a lay summary of the key findings:

Childhood Cancer Incidence Infographic

Childhood Cancer Survival Infographic

Download the full reports:

Childhood Cancer Incidence in Aotearoa, New Zealand 2015-2019

Childhood Cancer Survival in Aotearoa, New Zealand 2010-2019